Nepal's Participation in London Olympic Games 2012

Nepal is up for the olympics once again since its first appearance in 1964.Nepal participated with 4 boxers and two marathon runners in 1964 Tokyo olympics.It has been 50 years since Nepal has secured a Medal in Olympic Games.Although the is no any perfect ray of hope to end this drought this year, we should all pray for better performance from our players.
A total of 5 players will participate in 3 different sports which includes atheletics, swimming and shooting.

Here is the list of participants who are off to London for participation.

  1. Mrs. Tika Sedain                    Coach (Athletics)
  2. Mr. Tilaram Tharu                   Athlete (Athletics)[100m]
  3. Mrs. Pramila Rijal                  Athlete (Athletics)[100m]
  4. Mr. Ongden lama                   Coach (Swimming)[100m free style]
  5. Mr. Prasidha Jung Shah         Athlete (Swimming)[50m free style]
  6. Sneha Rana                           10 m air rifle(shooting)
  7. Ms. Shreya Dhital                  Athlete (Swimming)

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